Digital Media at Technische Universität Berlin

For more than 10 years we provide courses, workshops and advice on Digital Media in Higher Education: Teaching and Learning at ZEWK.

This Wiki will introduce you to a broad spectrum of know-how about digital media in Teaching and Learning at TU Berlin – from the early stages of planning to postproduction.

If you prefer to learn from practical experiences gained by lecturers and scientists at TU, go to Praxisblog (German). This blog gathers ideas to inspire such as first-hand teaching experiences as well as Lessons Learned. Explore the experience gained by staff from different branches and departments at TUB as well as in projects of different sizes and complexity.

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On this page you will find an overview of all the wiki's content available in English: everything at a glance. Please consult this page to navigate the menu: It corresponds to the German sidebar menu.

Support offered by the Online-Teaching-Team

Implementing digital technology in teaching

Performing videoconferences

Media production and implementation

Making use of the learning platform ISIS/moodle

Carry out exams


  • Peer-Olaf Kalis is engaged in the field of scientific education at TU Berlin since 1992. He is head of the Subproject tu digit that is part of the BMBF Project „Qualitätspakt Lehre“, the Quality Pact for Teaching.
  • Gabriela Fernandes coordinates the eScout-program that provides in-person support for lecturers. Her work priorities are Teaching and Learning with means of digital media, online testing and online exams.
  • Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Schulz is an engineer and specialised journalist. She is often to be found at the ZEWK video production site and actively promotes the mission of „Online Education“ since more than 7 years.
  • Doreen Gropmann is a pracitioner of media informatics and part of the team since 2012. She offers workshops and advice on the topic of Digital Learning, adding user-friendly and beautifying designs to print and digital media.
  • Heike Müller-Seckin is Dipl. Pedagogue (Diplom-Berufspädagogin), conceptual designer of multimedia content and instructor for interdisciplinary competencies. Her work priorities are advice and conceptualisation.
  • Dr. Anja Wipper is a graduated psychologist who is part of the team since 2005. She is an instructor and advisor on eLearning and Blended Learning. Her work priorities are the conceptualisation of Blended Learning, the application of digital tools in online learning scenarios as well as in attendance teaching, the production and implementation of e-learning videos.
  • Tabea Hasenkopf
  • Larissa D. Bellina graduated in Literature, Art and Media Science with a minor in British and American Studies at the University of Konstanz. She worked for 6 years as a student assistant in different areas of research, administration and student services in Germany as well as abroad. Her work priorities are in content management (TYPO3, Wordpress, ISIS/moodle) and accessibility.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information or support concerning digital higher education. We are also available by phone or web meeting. Contact details: Team.

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