Online teaching for tutors

This page will present you with recommendations, support services and trainings for tutors at TUB that will prepare you for eTeaching.

Online seminar

We offer online workshops to train tutors in using online tools for educational purposes. The workshops not only introduces these tools, but also provides practical training as well as didactics. Additionally, the workshop tu tutor plus is training on demand: We adapt its content in a needs-oriented and subject-specific fashion in accordance with your request.

  • Current courses for tutors such as Train the Tutors (cross-faculty) and tu tutor plus (subject-specific) are listed in our current course programme (German)
  • Cross-faculty online seminar on web-based tutorials: Quickstart WebEx, Zoom, ISIS/moodle, didactics for tutorials. On demand.

Online consultation hours for tutors

Online consultation hours on technical and didactic matters for tutors on demand:

Forum for tutors

All tutors are welcome to join the TU tutoring group on ISIS/moodle. This peer-support group serves as a platform to share experiences with online tutoring and web-based service provision.

Current manuals for tutors

Train the tutor / tu tutor plus Contacts

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