Conduct tests

The Quiz activity is suitable for a variety of goals and purposes. According to their functionality, they can be grouped into formative, diagnostic and summative deployment scenarios.

Formative settings

The activity Quiz allows your to

  • determine your students' learning progress
  • offer online-training opportunities
  • prepare sessions online or consolidate acquired skills

Based on a quiz you can identify gaps of knowledge prior to a session so that you can emphasise these topics in your lecture or offer subsequent online trainings.

Diagnostic settings

Diagnostic functions of a quiz determine

  • Prior knowledge and experience
  • Acess requirements (e.g. test score related access to a laboratory or equipment)
  • Classification of subgroups (e.g. placement tests, skills evaluation such as in language requirements)

Summative settings

  • A traditional exam can be implemented summatively as an e-assessment at the end of a semester. See also isis_online-examinations.
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