Assign groups

ISIS/moodle activities can be set to a group mode group mode so that students can work on group assignments seperately. This mode will enable you to provide them with targeted resources (e.g. to prepare a debate). If this mode is active, you can filter assignment submissions as well as other activities accordingly.

Creating a group

The group selection activity facilitates the creation of groups in tutorials or lectures with large audiences. Teachers need to create or auto-create groups first. Secondly, adjust the settings so that students can select their groups independently. In this way, students can hand in assignments through their group. Group-related work environments can be set to visible or seperate groups (other groups are invisible). The latter group mode can be useful for tasks such as role play entries on a forum (debates) or wikis. If need be, you can restrict the access to your group (number of participants) and adjust settings such as the visibility of names or numbers of participants of a group.

Activities: Group mode

You can adjust activity settings in relation to groups (group mode, visibility, restrict access). Usually it is sufficient and provides a better overview if you activate the group mode only in activities of your choice.

Course-wide groups

The activation of groups on the level of you entire course is most suitable for lectures with a large audience. Groups and groupings will support your adminstration of participants.

Further information

If you would like to merge tutorials or groups, you can create a grouping. First, you need to create the groups to be joined.

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