Administer participants

To control access to activities in lectures with large audiences, several trainers or tutorials, you can layout your ISIS/moodle course in accordance with groups and groupings.

Course and group enrolment

Enrolment key

Share passwords and enrolment keys with care:

  • in-person: On the first day of the seminar, verbally
  • publicly, ISIS/moodle-restrictions apply (valid TU or guest account required): To share the password in advance, you can publish it in your course description on the lecture directory (LSF) or on your website

Restrict Access

To limit the number of participants you may implement a registration process, an expression-of-interest procedure or the prior fulfilment of an assignment as a prerequisite. If students complete the activity in accordance with your settings, you can connect material and assign groups. This way, you can determine your audience clearly and limit admission-restricted courses to a specific number of participants without any manual processing of registration or attendance lists.

Manual enrolment

Activate Manual enrolment to register students with group-related enrolment keys to a course or several groups. Thus, content will not be automatically visible even if you create a course without access restrictions. This will be most helpful if you are legally bound (e.g. on the basis of data protection guidelines) to share content only with a limited number of persons (TU members, students). To link activities to groups will enable you to address your audience with targeted information (e.g. guests) so that you can plan and upload this information in advance.

  • Keep in mind that a separation of audiences may be prohibited by law (e.g. discrimination on the basis of gender, disability)!

Add participants manually

You can add participants in the course settings:

Further information

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