Please note: Currently, on-site productions cannot take place at our audio or video studios due to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2-pandemic. You need to produce digital content for educational purposes urgently, nevertheless? Please send us an e-mail.

If you borrowed any technical equipment last summer (2020), you may already be familiar with recent changes to our procedures: Over the course of last summer, we handed out technical equipment in the basement of an otherwise empty building - just like in a spy film: We not only exchanged about 250 microphones, tablets and much more, but also closely abided by all safety regulations such as distancing, wearing a mask and gloves. During these brief encounters (roughly 10-mins), individual advice has proven to be more valuable than a mere transfer of tools.

You intend to enhance your lecture with digital content? You consider to digitize your entire lecture? Get in touch! We are looking forward to offer advice on any questions concerning digital media in Higher education. Our support is usually guided by the following pattern:

  • 1| Your ideas and professional emphases
  • 2| Didactic conceptualization
  • 3| Choice of tools and media production
  • 4| Implementation and support

Your ideas and professional emphases

The rationales behind an implementation of digital content are manifold. You may already have come up with great ideas and a clear vision: If so, let us know!


Our experience shows that lecturers start out from their best intentions: they explain complex issues in video clips, analyze most common mistakes in a screencast or talk to fascinating interviewees in a podcast. Nevertheless, students' response can be soberly low. To avoid such a reaction, we jointly examine both the didactics and particular value that digital content may add to your course. Our point of reference is not only a grounding in theory but also the team's many years of experience.

Choice of tools and media production

At this stage we match suitable tools to your objectives and determine the kinds of media to be produced. We can support you with know-how as well as a broad spectrum of technical equipment.

Implementation and support

After the production stage we offer continued support and advice should you have any remaining questions - be they technical or methodic in nature. Some formats may need some more time and adaption, just like in the German proverb „to adapt is better than to adopt“.

Advice request

Feel free to send us your advice request. Please include a brief description that outlines your project or idea so that we can direct your request to the most suitable team member. We will reply asap!

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