Current course programme

Professional team trainings

Each training listed below is part of our course programme „Lehre und Lernen“ and suitable for professional team trainings. Your team members may belong to the same faculty or join on the basis of common interest. We also welcome teams that are composed of different status groups: If you are interested to book a team training, please let us know. The course session usually takes about 2-3 hours. Please setup your microphone and webcam in advance.

This page highlights the primary focus points of our course programme: You may choose from a given topic or adapt the content to your needs. If you prefer a targeted individual training, please let us know in advance so we can prepare the session accordingly.

Web conferencing solutions

Zoom for online teaching

  • This course highlights key features of Zoom. You will learn how to setup meetings and how to assign roles as well as privileges to participants. You will be introduced to the application of Zoom in an eLearning environment. We also invite you to a brief exchange of ideas and discuss how to implement Zoom in your teaching routine.

Webex Training: Quickstart and fields of application

  • This course highlights key features of WebEx Trainings. You will learn how to setup meetings and how to assign roles or privileges to participants. You will be introduced to the application of Webex Training in an eLearning environment. We also invite you to a brief exchange of ideas and discuss how to implement Webex Training in your teaching routine.

Media formats in digital higher education

Videos, Podcasts and Blogs as a practical semester project

  • Creative assignment formats are a great way to motivate students' active participation, especially in times like these. If students are told to approach a topic framed by a different format, they may look at it from a fresh perspective: Podcast interviews instead of group presentations, a blog post instead of a project report, short video clips instead of written assignments - this is how information transforms into knowledge. Your students may actually enjoy new formats a lot. You may be surprised by their manifold and high quality results. Leave it to them to choose a format you may never have thought about. We will introduce you to a variety of examples and commonly reflect on the kinds of assignments that may not only be of relevance to you but also technically feasible.

And...Action! "Klappe die Zweite" Online consultation

  • Most of you may already be experienced users. Many conclude that it is easier than expected. Nevertheless you may have have issues to solve, such as noise or a lack of coherence. If you need technical or didactic advice in relation to your educational video production, please come by. These consultation hours take place online.

Training videos I - Good practice and fields of application

  • We will show you a range of videos that are already in use at the TU Berlin. You will learn about different educational settings and how student learning can actually benefit from video content.

Training videos II - Tipps for media production

  • There are films that you may remember for years. Others may vanish as soon as you switch off your device. Looking at educational video content, these findings are true as well. This course will introduce you to methods that improve your educational videos in a technically feasible manner so that you can produce good, lasting and usability-friendly video content.

Digital infrastructure and ISIS/moodle

Digital infrastructure in eTeaching

  • As a lecturer at TU Berlin you are well equipped with a broad range of technical support for eLearning such as dokuwiki and blogfarm, ISIS/moodle and borrowing podcast microphones, E-chalk and tubcloud. This course familiarizes you with all of them and their key functions.

ISIS/moodle: usability-friendly course concepts

  • You are using ISIS/moodle in educational settings and want to address concrete matters or issues? You need creative input? Jointly, we will come up with solutions.

ISIS/moodle for Newbies

  • Please also have a look at the Wiki section on ISIS/moodle.
  • You didn't have an opportunity to include ISIS/moodle in your teaching? We will outline the basic features of the platform and support you in finding your feet: develop ideas and link ISIS content to your lecture.

ISIS/moodle: Online consultation

  • Students will be challenged to learn on their own for most stretches of the upcoming term. Facilitate their learning experience! This course introduces you to usability-friendly frameworks and content. You will learn how to implement it in ISIS. With an eye for detail, you will have a positive impact on your students' learning outcome.
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