Audio and Video studios

If you are interested in our technical support or would like to record audio and video content on-site in our studios, please let us know.

Self Service DIY (including support)

First of all we will discuss your concept and offer advice if need be. Next you will be introduced to our technical equipment and procedures of borrowing material. If you prefer to create your content on premise, we will schedule a suitable time.

Full Service

Based on your draft or lecture we will outline a suitable didactic framework and plan its technical implementation. Next we will create your content step by step and in close cooperation with you: from the initial script to postproduction and its provision to your students.

Video recordings

The video studio at ZEWK is mainly used for greenscreen film production. We will record with a 4K professional film camera and offer a variety of microphones and mike settings. you can chose to present your content standing at a high desk, including a tablet, notebook or reading from a teleprompter. The room is equipped with a desktop PC.

Audio recordings

The audio studio at ZEWK is only suitable for audio recordings and a perfect match for podcast productions. The recording can be controlled from within as well as from the outside so that you can focus on presenting your content while another person records it properly. This studio enables recording an interview setting as well: The sound-insulated cabin is suitable for 1-2 people.

Mobile Service

Yes, we will also support you on location. Let us know about your vision, be it to film an experiment, to explain mechanical devices, or to add audio recordings as a voice-over to your film clips in postproduction: We will make it happen!

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