Software and technical equipment

We provide equipment that is suitable for different production settings so that you can create digital content for eLearning purposes. You can borrow the equipment along with technical support so that you are never left alone. You can rely on our quick and professional support.

Screencast recordings

You intend to record screencasts?
You may borrow:

  • USB condenser microphones such as Røde NT-USB Mini und Mackie EM-USB.
  • Sometimes, Lavalier microphones are suitable for your recording setting. They can be attached to clothing. We will support you in finding the best match for your setting, though.
  • Microphone tripods and desk armatures
  • Recording software Techsmith Camtasia for production purposes and screenrecordings (including additional recordings such as visuals, video or audio recordings, if need be)
  • studio headphones
  • graphic tablets with a pen, primarily Wacom Intuos S/M or Wacom One
  • acoustic elements

Podcasts and audio content

You intend to record audio content?
You may borrow:

  • Mobile recording station: dialogues (2-4 participants). This recording station is setup in a seminar room and therefore allows for thoroughly airing the room regularly. We offer to support you with recording procedures as well as postproduction.
  • Professional audio studio: one speaker (or one after another). Including full-service support.
  • USB condenser microphone: production on location. You can borrow this microphone as well as acoustic elements to be used at a location of your choice.

Laboratory videos

You intend to record laboratory videos (with your smartphone)?
You may borrow:

  • Ring lights: illuminates your setting
  • Smartphone Gimbals: stabilizes recordings (anti-shake)
  • Smartphone tripods
  • Camcorders: only if a smartphone is not available

Additional equipment

You may also borrow some webconference cams (webcam, speaker, microphones). They are suitable for online exams and hybrid learning environments and seminars.

Borrowing conditions

If you intend to borrow equipment for educational purposes (free-of-charge), please contact us via email and indicate you name, the title and content of your lecture as well as the equipment you would like to lend. We will reply asap.

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