Zoom - lecture series

To conduct a successful online meeting with students, prepare your material well and layout the course of events in advance. Clear communication and shared rules of communications are crucial, too. Please also prepare for unexpected interruptions.
Below, we will higlight some fields of preparations to take into consideration if you prepare a Zoom meeting, be it for the purpose of a lecture with a large audience or a synchronous team meeting.

Prior to the Meeting

Familiarize yourself with the software and functions provided by Zoom (see Zoom - guide and Zoom - FAQ. Dou you have any remaining questions? Get in touch!
Before you start your online meeting, clarify its string of events:

  1. When and how should students be able to pose questions?
  2. Do you want students to ask questions by non-verbal signals (raised hand), chat or microphone?
  3. Do you intend to authorize interposed questions?
  4. Would you like to ask questions as well or gather your students' feedback to start a discussion?
  5. How do you intend to deal with unexpected or sudden interruptions?

Compile a list of rules that apply to the chain of events and modes of communication as well as to interruptions. Share them with your students at the beginning of your online event.

At the beginning of the meeting

Talk to your students about your expectations with regard to the course of events and shared rules of communication. Clarify how you will handle disruptions.
Ask your students to activate the list of participants and the chat box by clicking on „participants“ and „chat“ in the bottom menu bar. This will enable them to pose questions by chat and also non-verbally („raise hand“ icon next to your participants' names). Students who raised their hand will be listed there chronologically.
Students enter your meeting muted. To avoid distracting ambience noise and feedback effects, tell them right at the beginning that they should leave the setting as is. You can also prevent disruptions by choosing „mute all“ (below the list of participants). You can also deactivate to allow participants to unmute themselves there, click on „more“ and adjust your settings.

During a meeting

Over the course of an online event disruptions can not be ruled out and may have various reasons. We collected a list of common interruptions and how to handle them. Dou you need additional advice? Contact us.

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