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Teachers Games – entrepreneurial teaching for all educators (LM 19V)

WWB Area | Learning field
Teaching and Learning | Advanced teaching module

Starting point
Entrepreneurial education research indicates that reflection, play, empathy, experimentation, and creativity are core teaching elements that empower and inspire entrepreneurial thinking in all students. The idea behind the Teachers Games workshop is to use the same elements with educators, that is to experience entrepreneurial learning in relation to your own teaching.

The anticipated outcomes for the attendees are new didactic perspectives to entrepreneurial teaching no matter which subject you teach in your daily life. Participants in this workshop will gain insights into how other educators or leaders reflect upon, teaching, didactics and classroom management. Each educator will leave this workshop with new ideas to integrate the tools into their course no matter what they teach.

This workshop is tailor-made (FabLab Maker set of didactic tools, Babson College methodology, newly developed methods) for various teaching perspectives in higher education across Europe.

The program is relating to core teaching elements:

  • The Teachers Games universe: how to & how to use?
  • Fear of failure (Experimentation)
  • Passion Cube (Reflection)
  • Idea Space (Creation)
  • Business Model Canvas Game (Play)
  • Sequenced and escalated peer coaching (Empathy)
  • Competitive Cup Stacking (Experimentation)
  • Reflecting on entrepreneurial experience (Reflection)

The workshop

  • leads you through different didactical exercises which will fit and enhance the learning in relation to your teaching, including your core curriculum,
  • is an action and research-based entrepreneurial teaching workshop and introduces different hands-on exercises,
  • is organized and facilitated from a teacher-to-teacher perspective providing room for meta-reflection and individual learning,
  • is held in English.

Including your personal experiences and vital input, we discuss how to put Teachers Games into your teaching practice. Max number of participants: 15

Teachers Games is a practical and hands-on qualification program for educators at all levels in the educational sector, no matter which subject they teach. You should be interested in trying out entrepreneurial exercises intended for students while developing the own learning and teaching.

Course information

Course numberLM 19V
DateTue, 18.01.2022, 12:00am-2:00pm (Lunch) & 3:00pm-5:00pm
Wed, 19.01.2022, 9:00am-12:00am
Scope8 hours, 10 working units à 45 min
FormatOnline course. Participants receive login data by email prior the course
ToolsVideoconference. Participants who want to prepare prior the course are invited to visit our Praxisblog and our Wiki.
InstructorsBirgitte Wraae, Jacob Thomsen
Course languageEnglish
FeesFor employees, assistant lectures, registered doctoral candidates at TU Berlin and junior scientists at HU Berlin, FU Berlin, Charité, the course is free of charge. If you do not belong to these groups of people, please contact wwb@zewk.tu-berlin.de for information on fees.
RequirementsParticipants should have English language skills at least the B2 level.

Besides an interest in your own learning no specific qualifications are needed to participate in the workshop. You are welcome to bring examples on your own teaching as we are going to use this as a part of the exercises.
CompletionAssuming successful participation, you receive a certificate of attendance.
CertificateApplicable for TU certificate for teaching and learning and for TiE-BAC certificate – Teaching in English.

For registration, please fill in the provided form. In case of any content questions regarding the course, please contact Dr. Monika Rummler.
In case of any organizational questions please contact wwb@zewk.tu-berlin.de.


Your binding participation is very important to us. On the one hand, our courses are connected with high costs. On the other hand, we plan much group work and work interactively with you. Hence, should you be unable to attend the entire course or should you be prevented from attending the course at all, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can allocate the place to other interested persons. In the event of multiple unexcused absence, we reserve the right to exclude you from further ZEWK courses.
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