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The Science Pitch – Hit the nail on the head!

WWB Area | Learning field
Scholarly communication | Presentation

Starting point
„And what do you do?“ sounds like a simple question. Yet answering it can also be infinitely complicated. It’s an art and challenge to break down what is on the one hand complex and on the other hand so familiar to you: your research.

Why not use the „Science Pitch“ to contribute your expertise in a comprehensible and pin-nailed manner to arouse interest in your research. In this training we will work out how you bring across what makes you and your research stand out.


  • You can explain the content and added value of your research in a comprehensible and memorable way.
  • You know the structure of a science pitch.
  • You know how to arouse and maintain the interest of your audience in the pitch.


  • Structure of a science pitch and possible creative elements
  • Extraction of a clear core statement and its uniqueness
  • Comprehensible and convincing language

You will work out your own science pitch in practical exercises and be given the opportunity for a presentation, followed by individual feedback. Max. number of participants: 8.

Scientific staff of the TU Berlin, who would like to present their own qualifications and research in a memorable way. Student workers are welcome, subject to availability.

Course information

DateThu, 31.03.2022, 9:00am-5:00pm
Scope8 hours, 10 working units à 45 min
FormatClassroom meeting
ZEWK, Frauenhoferstr. 33-36, R: FH1004
InstructorsWilly Metzeler
Course languageEnglish
FeesFor employees, assistant lectures, registered doctoral candidates at TU Berlin and junior scientists at HU Berlin, FU Berlin, Charité, the course is free of charge. If you do not belong to these groups of people, please contact wwb@zewk.tu-berlin.de for information on fees.
RequirementsParticipants should have English language skills at least the B2 level.

Please prepare a self presentation of 1 ½ minutes with the following content:
– What problem do you solve?
– What is your expertise?
– What benefit do you provide with it?
– Why is this important to you personally?
CompletionAssuming successful participation, you receive a certificate of attendance.
CertificateApplicable for certificate Science communication.

For registration, please fill in the provided form. In case of any content questions regarding the course, please contact Stefanie Giljohann.
In case of any organizational questions please contact wwb@zewk.tu-berlin.de.


Your binding participation is very important to us. On the one hand, our courses are connected with high costs. On the other hand, we plan much group work and work interactively with you. Hence, should you be unable to attend the entire course or should you be prevented from attending the course at all, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can allocate the place to other interested persons. In the event of multiple unexcused absence, we reserve the right to exclude you from further ZEWK courses.
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