Clear structures

ISIS/moodle serves as the main eLearning platform at TUB. For this reason it is vital to design courses clearly and in a meaningful way to facilitate learning.


It is advisable to provide content that involves at least two sensory channels (e.g. auditive, visual, haptic, cognitive). Always add text-based information to video or audio files (abstract, title/subtitle, transcript in PDF format): this will be beneficial not only to students with hearing difficulties but als to students whose mobile phones or internet service access may restrict the amount of traffic.

Overview and Orientation

Students should be able to access and navigate your material easily. Provide a clear overview so that they are always up-to-date on current material, remaining tasks and upcoming deadlines. Clue: Be specific: When, what, how should it be processed? In ISIS/moodle, such details should be indicated in brackets after the URL or other ISIS/moodle activities.

Consistency: Systematics, design, format

Reflect upon a uniform systematic: Do you intend to display your material on a weekly basis or sorted according to different sets of topics? How do you intend to combine or link material? Try to establish a rhythm so that students know what to expect. Clue: Adjust the weekly or topic related view in your course settings to ouline your content in a clear manner.

learning outcomes and relevance

  • Provide guidance concerning the access requirements and effort required to process tasks or topics
  • „nice to have“ material should be marked as such


  • Clarify requirements and assessment criteria (if necessary)

Mitigate media selection

  • Your selection of media should align with your learning objectives.
  • Mixed media may attract attention. Choose them with context in mind.

Stay in contact: online, too!

It is always good to know „who is on the other end of the line“. Engange your students with activities that foster communication and foster collaboration.

Strictly speaking, a name is enough for identification purposes. Human beings are social beings as well, though. Interactive personal contact will therefore have an impact on the learning experiences, too. We recommend:

  • A welcome video
  • Your image embedded in a „contact“ block
  • A welcome post in your forum
  • A welcome audio, e.g. in a podcast style (this may include team or faculty members)

Display content such as the above-mentioned so that they are always visible. You can add them to the right hand side column or to a text box (do not link to it via URL) so that they always remain at the beginning of your course or a segment.

  • Contact details concerning support, feedback and technical advice should be mentioned
  • Tools for communication between participants should be implemented. Make them known and facilitate interaction!
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